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65+ weeks protection and enhanced biosecurity.

pro farm

40+ weeks protection with enhanced biosecurity.


40+ weeks protection.

How does it work?

Fossil Shield® is a unique silica based product that scratches red mites' outer waxy shell as they crawl through. This dries them out, controlling mite populations in a physical way.

The specialised Fossil Shield® formula means that it is more robust than pure diatom in humid shed environments, reducing coagulation, retaining its coarseness for longer.

pro farm +

65+ weeks protection with enhanced biosecurity

Pre-flock treatment

Pre-flock professional treatment with unique electrostatic powder coating technology or liquid based suspension.

Mid-flock treatment

Farmers use the farmkit system to top up break out areas, extending the life of the Fossil Shield® protective layer.

Enhanced Biosecurity

Each farm has its own dedicated farmkit application equipment, ensuring the highest possible level of biosecurity.


electro farmkit is our electrostatic application kit for each farm. There are different kit set ups, depending on the size of the farm and individual requirements.

Fossil Shield® + electrostatic application = longevity

electro | pro

Fossil Shield® 90 is applied by our professional team utilising electrostatic powder coating technology, allowing for strong residual protection and grip around routes and surfaces.

liquid | pro

Fossil Shield® white is a liquid suspension suitable for broad spraying and is applied by our professional team

"For over 20 years we have used the electro pro service. We have tried other products in that time but always return back to Fossil Shield"

— Nationwide Breeder

"Essential Hen have been treating the red mite on our farm with Fossil Shield ® for 8 flocks...excellent value for money!”

— 16000 Flatdeck Wiltshire

About Us

We are essentialhen, the home of Fossil Shield® and a market leader in helping farmers control red mite for over two decades. We take pride in our excellent products and superior service which protect over 9 million hens in the UK and Ireland.

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